About àbàdhu

àbàdhu is a wholly owned subsidiary of Abadhu lifenet inc., specializes in the distribution of unique and exclusive products and services. Our executive team has a proven track record of providing substantial benefits to its business associates.

To start with, people believed that Network Marketing would be the solution to their financial problem but only to realize with time and experience that only a few lucky distributors truly gain financial freedom while others are still financially bound.

We realize this as we were distributors too. Through decades of combined experience as manager and consultants working with many companies in the industry, we know the feeling of excitement when starting a new business venture, the satisfaction you get when rewarded for your hard work, the feeling of rejection, fear, doubt, expectation.

Thus we started àbàdhu to address the real needs of the distributors in an effective manner. The purpose is to offer you real products and services at real prices with a real marketing plan, setting a higher standard for the home business industry by which other companies will be measured. We constantly implement new and innovative concepts to keep us on the cutting edge and you in the best position.

Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission and vision is to help people discover their talent and to pursue their dreams. Empowering people to explore beyond what they believe. Our goal is to make an environment where our team members are rewarded and sustained for long –life.

àbàdhu is built on a strong base where there is tremendous amount of experience, leadership, teamwork and integrity. The founders of àbàdhu are professionals, who have many years of marketing experience through which we have formed a strong workforce of dedicated staff and successful business associates.

Together we strive for perfection, teamwork and an environment that ensures that our business associates have the best to succeed from. We believe in uniting members across the country, thus building a distribution network.