Regulation over distribution: all Abadhu Lifenet Inc. IBAs (Independent Business Associate) are required to adhere to company’s rules of business and regulations over distribution. All or any of these policies and procedures are subject to change by the company without assigning any reason and without any prior notice.

Establishing a distributorship: In order to become an authorized IBA of M/s. Abadhu Lifenet Inc for purchasing and selling products and services sourced, an applicant must be legal resident of India. The Applicant should submit a filled IBA Application form along with recent passport size photograph and KYC form duly signed by him/her. The IBA represents his/her intention to establish his/her own business by signing the IBA Application form and promises to work with other IBAs towards success of the company’s business.

Independent Business relationship: Joining as an IBA in M/s. Abadhu Lifenet Inc. is absolutely free and an IBA should not pay any amount to any of company employees or franchises to create account in Under no circumstance, shall the IBA consider/ claim himself/herself as an agent or an employee of M/s. Abadhu Lifenet Inc. An IBA is an independent contractor whose success or failure depends on his/her independent efforts.

Bonus restriction on retailing: Bonus to IBA is decided by the corresponding BV points (given to particular products and services), which is calculated in accordance with the marketing plan and level of a particular IBA and his/her marketing network. The amount of bonus depends upon the latest marketing plan. M/s. Abadhu Lifenet Inc. reserves the right to amend a part or the whole of the marketing plans any time without any prior notice or assigning any reason. Bonus granting date is decided in accordance with the terms of the Marketing plan on a monthly or other periodic basis.

Termination of Distributorship: Voluntary termination – an IBA who desires to terminate his/her distributorship must inform M/s. Abadhu Lifenet Inc. in a written notice. Any violation of the regulation over distribution or the IBA not adhering to the rules and regulation will lead to termination of Distributorship. The terminated IBA shall cease to qualify for any bonus, incentives and any other benefits that he/ she may have been entitled to. The terminated IBA is eligible to re-register as an IBA after 12 months and the company reserves the rights to accept or reject the application.

Involuntary Termination: The company reserves the right to terminate an IBA from distributorship of the company, if the IBA is found to cause negative effect to the company’s business and the company does not stand liable to provide any evidence for doing so. The company reserves the right to terminate an IBA if he/she is directly or indirectly (including proxy) or by any other means is involved in any other direct-selling-company’s activity which may bring negative influence to M/s Abadhu Lifenet Inc.

Property of the company: Company logo, cd, stationery or any printed material related to the company is the property of the company. The IBA is not allowed to reprint without prior written approval from the company.

Amendment: The regulation over distribution is prepared to preserve the benefits of all Independent Business Associates. M/s. Abadhu Lifenet Inc. reserves the right to amend, modify, supplement or delete all or any part of the regulation to achieve the goal of the company.

Agreement of the IBA for distributorship
  1. The IBA should sign the IBA Manual Application form (MAF) accurately and ensure that all the necessary formalities for being engaged in the business are in order.
  2. The IBA is responsible for all government-imposed taxes and levies.
  3. M/s. Abadhu Lifenet Inc. has the right to deduct the relevant expenses, if any, owned by the IBA from their bonus.
  4. The company will transfer the commission to the bank, only after it amounts to Rs.500 and above. While it is less than Rs 500/- , the commission will remain in the respective IBA wallet, and this amount can be used for purchasing products with a request through sms or email from the mobile/email registered with the company. After confirmation, the company will issue a coupon/voucher for the same. IBA can use the coupon/voucher at the time of purchase of products from the company website.
  5. IBA should sell the products and services according to the literatures and other materials/ aids provided by M/s. Abadhu Lifenet Inc. The IBA is forbidden from preparing any selling-material by himself/herself.
  6. The IBA shall refrain from holding the company M/s. Abadhu Lifenet Inc. responsible/culpable for delays, unforeseen or otherwise, in delivery of products/merchandise, leading to backorder situation.
  7. An IBA cannot resign and rejoin under a different name immediately.
  8. Once an IBA is enrolled in company’s system, he/she can’t be transferred to any other without the permission of the company.
  9. An IBA agrees that he/she is marketing Abadhu Lifenet Inc products and services at his/her will, without any false commitment or force from M/s Abadhu Lifenet Inc.
  10. An IBA shall be personally liable for any false commitment made by him/her, while marketing his/her personal link of Abadhu products and services/ plan.
  11. An IBA agrees and accepts to receive SMS, E-mail and other advertisement content from M/s. Abadhu Lifenet Inc. and its members and clients.
  12. It is mandatory to submit self-attested KYC documents (Pan Card, Aadhar Card, Driving License, Voter ID) along with enrolment form within 7 days after joining the company.
  13. It is compulsory to affix a latest passport size photo in the Manual Application form (MAF).
  14. An IBA applicant will receive confirmation message from the company through Email/ SMS along with IBA Number. On non-receipt of the same within 7 days, he/she will contact the company or its representative.

The company rights: The Company reserves the right to amend the rules and regulations. The company reserves the right to terminate an IBA without any prior notice.

Bonus: The performance bonus would be released by the 10th of the following month. The IBA is supposed to purchase products and services and the same is mandatory in the marketing plan. If he/she fails to do the same, the bonus calculated and due is nullified.

Terms and conditions: The IBA should agree/accept, before joining as an Independent Business Associate with the company, that the company M/s. Abadhu Lifenet Inc. will not be responsible/liable, if due to any act of god, natural calamity, changes in law, lock out, strike, fire, flood, earthquake, storm, epidemic, lack or failure to source products and services or any other causes or circumstances of whatsoever nature beyond the control of the company or any unforeseen circumstance if it is not able to perform any of its obligation, in such circumstances the company M/s. Abadhu Lifenet Inc. will not entertain any claim of any nature and the IBA is also not supposed to stake any claim of any nature. Any dispute between the company and the IBA will be handled in accordance with prevalent laws of the country and is subject to Delhi court jurisdiction.

Selling price: The M.R.P is determined by the company. An IBA is not allowed to raise or lower the selling price of any product and service. Any violation in this regard may result in termination of the IBA by the company.

Invalid Sponsoring: Sponsoring a distributor from any other group stands invalid.